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April 2017

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  Keyword research is really the foundation of SEO and if you don’t find good keywords, everything else is worthless – your on-site optimization depends on the keywords, the links depend on the keywords, and your sales depend on your keyword intent and volume. Today were laying out 3 strategies that make it nearly impossible to fail to find good kws. These techniques & tools will take out the guess work. By the end you will have deconstructed exactly what your competition is doing, maximized the information you can get from Google, AND researched every combination in a 25 mile radius of your target area…

There are plenty of great posts out there on conversion rate optimization, I've linked to a few below, however what can you do to improve conversion rates from an SEO point of view? Lets start with something basic, there are two main ways to increase the conversion rate on a website. Change the website itself by on-site changes, split testing, etc. - CRO Bringing traffic which is more targeted and likely to buy - SEO If you want to learn about pure CRO and how to carry it out, take a look at this perfectly timed article from Stephen who published this fantastic post on

  Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you're an industry expert. The word “success” is a farsighted and ambiguous term when it comes to the search engine optimization world. Keyword placements are not guaranteed in the SERPs, nor is there an easy way to go about measuring the subsequent conversion value from those keywords (more so after Google’s “not provided” update). Think about it: After conducting a thorough keyword research analysis of your business, you manage to narrow down your monster list to a very refined set of queries; queries that you spent countless hours on, critiquing relentlessly from